Loose Lips Lip Sync Competition

Saturn Presents:

Loose Lips Lip Sync Competition

Thu. August 9, 2018

8:00 pm



This event is 18 and over

Loose Lips Lip Sync Competition
Loose Lips Lip Sync Competition
So you think you have the goods to be Saturn’s honorary Lip Sync Champion? Well, host, Virginia Newcomb encourages you bring your best moves to your favorite groove and see how you stand against the competition. Here are some of the basics of our war of the lips:

Registration is open to the first 12 teams or individuals. Teams can range in size from 1 to 8 people.

Costumes and props are strongly encouraged.

Maximum time limit is four minutes per performance is 6 minutes. We hugely appreciate it if your music is sent to us in advance too.

Oh, here are he various criteria will judge:
A. Lip Sync Abilities: How well the performer(s) lip-sync the lyrics of the song.
B. Creativity: How original and creative the performance is. Instead of just standing on stage and lip-syncing a song - props, choreography, costumes and/or other ideas should be used and often impresses the judges and generates crowd response. Be creative!
C. Stage Presence & Choreography: Again, don’t just stand there! Engage the audience, dance, smile, make eye contact with the judges...you’re a STAR ---have fun!
D. Dare to Prepare!!! Rehearsal is highly encouraged and necessary if your truly want to go for the GOLD LIPS honorary award.

Each category will be worth 15 points each. In case of a tie, there will be a freestyle dance off. The judges’ decisions are final. Some truly wonderful and bizarre prizes will be awarded.

Hope to see you out, we’re here to sink some ships so bring your loose lips.

Email brian@saturnbirmingham.com to sign up!

Immediately following the performances, there will be a Late Night Dance Party with DJ Tony Rodio!
Venue Information:
200 41st Street S
Birmingham, AL, 35222