Of Montreal

Saturn Presents:

Of Montreal

Locate S, 1, Λ°C

Sat. May 12, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


$20.00 - $22.00

This event is 18 and over

Of Montreal
Of Montreal
Two important events occurred during the making of White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood. I became
"Simulated Reality" paranoid and I fell in LOVE.
Well a lot more happened during the process of writing and recording, but those are the two big
ones. I also reached a healthy point of self-forgiveness for my failed marriage and became
deeply educated in the lies of America the Great.
I feel like a switch was recently turned on in my brain and now I'm beginning to see through the
lies that have been fed to me my whole life by the masters of media and by those who control
and manipulate the narrative of our cultural identity and social order.
My paranoia began during the presidential election cycle and reached a dangerous peak shortly
after the inauguration. In the meantime I watched and read countless works of art in a mad
effort to be reminded of how many truly brilliant people there are living/struggling among us and
to try to maintain a positive outlook. The works of Angela Davis, Noam Chomsky, Chris Kraus,
Ta-Nehisi Coates, and the Autobiographies of Malcolm X and Mark E Smith were all great
inspirations, to name a few.
Musically, I was very inspired by the extended dance mixes that people used to make for pop
singles back in the ‘80s. It's so cool how a lot of the 80's hits had these really intricate and
interesting longer versions that wouldn't get played on the radio and could only be heard in the
clubs. I used that template with these tracks, I wanted them all to feel like the extended "club
edit" of album tracks.
I also decided to abandon the "live band in a room" approach that I had been using on the
recent albums and work more on my own or remotely with collaborators. I used the same drum
sample packs throughout because I wanted the album to have a rhythmic continuity to it. I
wanted the drums to have a strong and consistent identity, similar to how Prince's Linn
Electronics LM-1 drum machine played such an important role on his classic albums. Zac
Colwell also played a huge role on this album, adding saxophones and synths to most of the
songs. I also got a lot of help from long time collaborators, and "of Montreal" touring members,
Clayton Rychlik and JoJo Glidewell.
The two title concept came to me when I was thinking about how difficult it is to frame the
message of a song with just one title, because so often the songs are about so many different
subjects. ‘White Is Relic’ was inspired by James Baldwin’s writings regarding the creation and
propagation of a toxic American White identity. I've come to learn how it's just a tool wielded by
the 1% to give poor white people a false sense of superiority in an effort to keep the masses
placated and numb to how deeply we're all getting fucked by our capitalist rulers. An ‘Irrealis
Mood’ is a linguistic indicator that something isn't yet reality but does have the potential to
become so.

I'm always searching for new identities so this concept of the death of "Whiteness" appeals to
me greatly. Might be the only way to save the world.
-Kevin Barnes, January 2018
Name reads Lambda Celsius. Ever since leaving Nashville to pursue a masters degree in Sculpture at UGA in Athens, GA, AC has strengthened understandings of concepts around gender, subversion, and social inequalities that structure our cultural framework. And from this - is there any way out? Can we depart from this world and create our own universe, one that favors unity in difference, an expulsion of hierarchies, and one that surrounds its conversations with inclusivity? In both a visual practice as a musical one, alias Λ°C (Lambda Celsius) questions the stereotypes of gender, the inequalities and social hierarchies that dominate creative scenes, and demonstrates how the personal can be expressed politically.

Who is Lambda Celsius? What is Lambda Celsius? Is it a brand? A concept? A person? Perhaps the personification of alienation and androgyny, a character trying to find meaning among manipulated images, self objectification, and the commodification of human interaction that is our reality.

Λ°C has been categorized by a number of titles: artist, musician, bass player, vocalist, lyricist, sculpture, costume designer, curator, model, feminist... but once pinned to any single definition: AC squeamishly disposes from the confines of specific classification, embracing adaptation, and embodying SUR-multiplicity. AC wants to redefine what it means to be a maker by being the designer & producer of their own music and visual framing.

Currently performing with Alexa, Amazons virtual assistant, and amplification module Richard Robert Michael; AC brings visibility to the gendered voice, stereotyped passivity, and disrupts female-d obedience.

"As both an artist and musician, I want to find new ways of creating space for agency and inclusion particularly through performance and the excluded voice."

Influenced by artists such as David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, and Cosey Fanni Tutti, as well as visual/performance artists Marcel Duchamp and Carolee Schneemann, AC is interested in the hybrid of the real and the digital, the visual and the sonic; a cyborg of creative influences.

How can the internet be the new space for social equality ? _

Can the internet be the new space for social organization for the physical world to make real change against inequality happen? _

***Special thanks to Siri for helping manage my recent tour.


There’s something undeniably appealing about the dark vibes that permeate throughout the self-titled album from Ann Catherine Carter aka AC Carter aka AC aka Λ°C. For fans of the production style of late 70′s, early 80′s post-punk undertakings, this should feel right at home. It’s a wall of sound broadcast from a dark room, easily inspired by the likes of New Order bass tones and proto goth vocals. The lead track, “At Least You Make Me Feel”, features R. Stevie Moore (presumably on guitar) and certainly sets the template for the rest of the record." We Own This Town

"Nashville-based musician and painter Λ°C dwells in the area between specificity and a broader artistic sense of experimentation. Her work in both mediums exhibits a wild and cathartic release of emotion and rational/irrational thought—she connects with her audience on an academic level as well as a distinctly empathetic one." Phinery

"[Λ°C] bring[s] a different perspective to her music than you might get from someone who's focused solely on pop music — a very cool thread to have in your scene. As Carter has shifted her focus from funky noise toward post-punk and electronic pop, she's continued to work with the idea of taking rigid, grid-like structures and bending them out of their manufactured shape and into something organic. Nashville Creme

Lambda Celsius has a new song out right now named “R & R” that honestly doesn’t sound like it came out of either city. Imagine a scene in a slightly damp, almost too cold pre-wall-fall West Berlin discotheque where the DJ has a stack of American R&B records and also a stack of Belgian minimal synth records. Then she accidentally drops them all, they get mixed together, and this song pops up. All of which is to say, this is a pretty tasty slice of icy yet soul-seeking sorta cold-wave stuff that’s totally worth your attention. Flagpole
Venue Information:
200 41st Street S
Birmingham, AL, 35222