Space Tyger / Pip The Pansy
Saturn Presents:

Space Tyger

Pip the Pansy

Ages 18+
Space Tyger & Pip The Pansy at Saturn

Bittersweet is the new album from Florence/Muscle Shoals, Alabama songwriter and musician Kyle Bragwell, who operates under the moniker Space Tyger.

If it must be defined, Space Tyger makes compelling, well-written, irresistible synth-pop. Throughout nine songs written, performed and recorded solely by Bragwell, Bittersweet follows his path from the disorienting madness of misdiagnosed manic depression to love found, love lost, and an eventual positive outcome.

It’s the sound and story of someone who touched the edge… and grew from it.

The hallmark of Muscle Shoals music is that it comes from the heart—real songs delivered by real people in an honest and compelling way. It’s likely not what you expect from rural Northwest Alabama, but as Space Tyger, Kyle Bragwell cements himself as part of the musical heritage for which the area is known.

Venue Information:
200 41st Street S
Birmingham, AL, 35222